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The trailer tank ATSPT-0.9 for the transportation of kvass or beer

The trailer tank ATsPT-0.9 for the transportation of kvass   (“Thermally insulated food tanker”; 0.9 - operational capacity in thousand liters).  

Kvass barrel - a specialized mobile vessel of large capacity, designed for the transportation of kvass and its retail sale. With the help of kvass barrels, the proper preservation of kvass and its quick delivery to consumers is ensured.

The main model of kvass barrel is the ATsPT-0.9 tank trailer for transporting kvass (“food insulated food tanker”; 0.9 - operational capacity in thousand liters), the design of which was developed in the USSR, where it was produced by Novo-Troitsky since 1967 machine-building plant, Karlovsk mechanical plant and Sokuluk plant of commercial engineering. [2] Interestingly, the ATsPT-0.9 tank trailer for the transportation of milk has been manufactured since 1957. [3] In a variant of the early 1970s. in front of the barrel (from the seller) in its upper part was a water tank with a capacity of 30 liters. [2] In addition, some characteristics of the ATsPT-0.9 tanks depended on the manufacturer, but generally did not change significantly. [3] The characteristics of the tanks of this model manufactured at modern Russian plants also differ slightly from Soviet ones (see below).

A kvass barrel is a sealed vessel made of food stainless steel or food aluminum (in the 1975 model of Guards) and having in the lower part of the eyelet intended for fastening it to the carriage for transportation. The cart for transportation of kvass barrel has two wheels, a frame made of steel channels, and a hitch with a hitch for coupling the cart with the vehicle. The barrel vessel itself is sealed and has a filler neck and a drain cock for bottling and selling. Also at the bottom of the barrel is a drain plug or ball valve designed to drain the remaining sour kvass at the end of the work shift. To preserve the temperature conditions, kvass barrels are often coated with special heat-insulating foam. For the convenience of trade in kvass, a device for filling and promptly washing glasses and mugs and a device for supplying tap water to the washing device is attached to the pouring part of the kvass barrel.   (C) Material taken from Wikipedia

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